"Breaking the Bank by breaking the cycle through financial literacy"

HFN is thrilled about the creation of a new financial literacy program titled "Breaking the Bank" breaking the cycle through Financial Literacy.

If you are a student who would like to learn about money in a fun and interactive way, then this is the class for you! Our workshops will be held at various locations including community centers, public housing centers, schools, nonprofits, and at HFN's office location. Our workshop instructor will teach lessons based on grade level for elementary, middle, and high school students.

High school students: topics will include budgeting, credit cards, credit reports, savings, setting goals, banking, loans, renting, insurance, and even problem gambling. High school students will have the opportunity of participating in an internship program, after completion of a sequence of classes.

Elementary and middle school students: topics will include wants vs. needs, how to earn money, savings, goal setting, etc.

All lessons will include interactive presentations and fun activities so students can learn through participation. Parents are always welcome to attend and even volunteer!

Please check back soon for a schedule of classes.

Pictures of our workshops