Lease To Own Program

A new exclusive program for families who want to purchase a house but cannot get a mortgage. They may have owned a home in the past, but lost the property due to foreclosure or short-sale. We believe that these families deserve a second chance; therefore we have created a program where families can begin living in the house they will purchase when ready. You can find a home you want to buy anywhere in Southern Nevada and Home Today will buy the home. You then make lease payments until you can purchase it within a time-frame that meets your needs.

There is no income limit for this program, and families do need to contribute their own funds for down-payment. The amount will vary depending on the purchase price of the property. See HOME Today Program Flyer.


First Look (Rehab/Resale) Program

Home Today created a new program titled First Look, a program created by Home Today and our investor partners where Home Today families can purchase a rehabilitated property at market value anywhere in Clark County. Families who participate in the First Look program will have a household income that does not exceed 120% of Area Median Income (AMI). There is no down-payment assistance available directly through this program, but a huge benefit to the homebuyer is that they can buy a rehabilitated property which is only available to Home Today's clients for purchase. While the program has no direct assistance, homebuyers have the option of using any assistance program for their purchase. For additional detail view our AREDCOR flyer.



Another popular down-payment assistance program is WISH. This program is for first-time homebuyers and offers a 3 to 1 match in funds. The minimum amount that must be contributed by the homebuyer is $1,500 and the maximum is $5,000.

Families who want to participate in the WISH program must be first-time homebuyers with an income that does not exceed 80% of Area Median Income. The funds must also be used in conjunction with a participating WISH provider. WISH Program Flyer


Additional Down-Payment Assistance Programs

There are additional down-payment assistance programs available through community partners or our partner mortgage lenders. Certain restrictions apply. To view these programs click on our program flyer.