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Homebuyer Education

Home Today's 8-hour homebuyer education workshop educates families on the process involved in purchasing a home and money management skills necessary toward successful long-term homeownership. By giving potential homebuyers knowledge and tools in an unbiased environment, they gain confidence and are empowered to make educated decisions and avoid pitfalls such as predatory lending, foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc. Many workshop attendees have never received financial literacy education before, and they leave having acquired the tools to make better decisions with their money for a sound financial future.

Classes are $25 per person and are offered monthly.

Register Online by visiting:  https://hometodayclass.eventbrite.com 

One-on-One Homebuyer Counseling

As a counseling agency, we provide individualized bi-lingual counseling for qualified clients. Each client works with a counselor to prepare for homeownership. Our case management approach is effective in ensuring that clients are prepared to address the obstacles that they may confront on a path toward financial stability and home ownership.

Post Purchase Workshops

Our housing counselors are available to provide clients with post-purchase education counseling services where they can answer any questions the homeowner may have or refer them to the correct resources. This knowledge will help them ensure that their property remains affordable by adhering to a maintenance plan, making repairs and budgeting for unexpected costs.

We encourage families to attend free homeowner education workshops at The Home Depot, Star Nursery, and The Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Home Today, Inc. offers Mortgage Default counseling to distressed homeowners. Home Today supports the community by helping homeowners understand their options, and navigate the complex loss mitigation process. Financial reviews and individual work plans are created for homeowners to help prevent, or cure, mortgage default.

Affordable Housing Development

Home Today, Inc. continues to expand homeownership opportunities and stabilize communities with our long standing Acquisition-Rehab-Resale Program. Home Today buys the houses, performs necessary repairs and upgrades, and resells them to the families we assist. Homes are sold at fair market value, and the cost of repairs and upgrades is free to the family.