Success Stories

Julia is a Special Ed Teacher with the Clark County School District. Her husband lost his job during the economic downturn and has not been able to secure any other employment. He now stays home to care for their adopted special-needs child. Based on Julia's income and family size she was eligible for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Despite her strong credit scores, her counselor stated it was in her best interests to pay down her monthly debt before purchasing. Julia was very good at saving and budgeting, so paying down her monthly debt did not present additional hardship. After selecting a lender and receiving her mortgage pre-approval, she and her realtor identified an NSP home from the HFN inventory list. Once the rehab phase was completed she signed her loan documents and received the keys to her new home. After closing Julia called her HFN counselor to thank her for making all of her dreams come true, and helping to make her a proud new homeowner.

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